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Focus Music: Brainwaves, Sleep

Music designed for your brain to improve focus, sleep, meditation & relaxation within minutes.


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Focus Music: Relax Music creates music designed for your brain to improve focus, sleep, meditation & relaxation within minutes.

As Seen on Fox News, CNBC, NBC, ABC, Digital Journal, CBS, and many more!

Focus Music: Relax Music Features: √ Music designed for the brain √ Over 70 songs and sounds √ Every sound you heart is saved for offline use √ High-quality stereo recordings √ Beautiful high-definition designs √ Modern easy-to-use interface

25+ Ambient Noise Soundscapes • Airplane Noise • Bar Crowd Noise • Cafe Noise • Car Ride Sounds • Celestial White Noise • City Street Noise • Coffee Shop Noise • Day at the Park Sounds • Dryer Sounds • Hair Dryer Sounds • Lawn Mower Sounds • Library Noise • Oscillating Fan Noise • Pink Noise • Restaurant Noise • Space Drone Sounds • Space Shop Sounds • Train Sounds • Vacuum Cleaner Sounds • Walking in Forest Sounds • Walking in Snow Sounds • Walking on Gravel Sounds • Walking on Street Sounds • Washing Machine Sounds • White Noise 25+ Nature Soundscapes • Babbling Brook Sounds • Bamboo Water Fountain Sounds • Bamboo Waterfall in Garden Sounds • Beach Sounds • Bird Sounds • Campfire in Forest Sounds • Forest Sounds • Leaves Blowing in the Wind Sounds • Light Rain Sounds • Light Rain and Thunder Sounds • Ocean Waves Sound • Ocean Wave and Bird Sounds • Rain and Howling Wind Sounds • Rain Downpour Sounds • Rain on Cars Sound • Rain on Tent Sounds • Rain on Tin Roof Sounds • Rain Sounds • Rainforest Sounds • River Sounds • Rushing River Sound • Rushing Waterfall Sounds • Spring Day Sounds • Thunder Sounds • Thunder from a Tent Sounds • Underwater Sounds • Wind Sounds

50+ Piano, Lofi Hip Hop, and Spa Music Soundscapes

Download Focus Music: Relax Music to help you Focus, Relax, Meditate, and Sleep Better. The Deep Sleep Music combines binaural music and music designed for the brain.